Remotely Controlled Stabilized Gun System

Stop 25mm Uzaktan Komutali Silah Sistemi


The STOP System is a system developed to be used against close and asymmetric threats on warships, coast guard boats, landing ships and other ships in order to contribute to increasing the defense capabilities of modern armies. It is included in a supergroup of the Stabilized Machine Gun Platform (STAMP) System in the family of Stabilized Weapon Systems.

It performs automatic recognition and tracking of targets that are invisible to the eye at night and in adverse visibility conditions. It is an ergonomic system that provides the ability to shoot accurately against standing and moving targets on the move using a 25mm KBA gun with advanced ballistic calculation features. The ability to be remotely controlled via the control unit, thanks to the gun, effectively and safely without being exposed to adverse weather conditions and fire the shooter is able to use the weapon with a unique proven system. The system can also be equipped with different sensors to produce a demand-specific solution for customer needs.


  • Automatic target detection and tracking
  • Application of automatic ballistics
  • High strike accuracy
  • High stabilization performance
  • Effective protection against asymmetric threats
  • Automatic orientation from the ship's radar to the reported position
  • Long-range and high-precision vision systems that allow you to detect and diagnose targets in difficult weather conditions day/night
  • Electro-Optical suite capable of independent movement on two axes
  • Two-axis stabilized turret
  • Surveillance mode (without the weapon being directed at the target) and continuous display of the target in the middle of the screen
  • Possibility of integrated use with Combat Management Systems
  • Possibility of manual use
  • Advanced User Graphical Interfaces
  • Modular system architecture
  • High reliability
  • Simultaneous display of TV and Thermal Camera images
  • Easy integrability

Teknik Özellikler

Taret Ağırlığı:  1250 kg
(Silah ve 250 adet mühimmat dahil)
Silah  25mm KBA Automatic Cannon
Atım Hızı:  600 atım/dakika
Mühimmat Besleme:  Çift Yönlü
Mühimmat Kapasitesi:  2 x 125 adet
Silah Yükseliş Ekseni Hareket Limitleri:  -15° / +55°
Silah Yan Ekseni Hareket Limitleri:  160° (kayar bilezik yok)
n x 360° (kayar bilezik var)
Silah Açısal Dönüş Hızı (maks.): 60°/s
EO Yükseliş Ekseni Hareket Limitleri:  -30° / +80°
EO Yan Ekseni Hareket Limitleri:  10° (silaha göre)
EO Açısal Dönüş Hızı (maks.):  60°/s
Güç Beslemesi: 28 VDC veya 220 VAC


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