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A large part of our production is based on cooperation with our business partners. We wouldn't have had the success we have had without them. Companies that want to work with us must share our values and embrace the ethical behavior we do. We have a comprehensive management structure with a strong focus on a responsible supply chain to integrate and follow this system.

Please fill in the information requested from you in the Supplier Candidate Application Form. The information you enter will be stored in the Aselsan Konya database. Aselsan Konya tries to find its new suppliers first by using this database.

You can make your application in one of the 5 categories below.

Sub-industry company: Suppliers engaged in production and/or design activities according to the needs of Aselsan Konya.

Manufacturer: Suppliers that produce standard products as shelf products. Suppliers that both manufacture and directly sell these products.

Vendor: Suppliers that sell standard products that are shelf products.

Service Provider: Suppliers whose main field of activity is to provide services.

Bu formu tamamladıktan sonra kayıt için ilk adımı tamamlamış olacaksınız. 

Construction and Infrastructure Firms: Suppliers that carry out construction and infrastructure business activities.

After completing this form, you will have completed the first step for registration.

Start-Up Detail Definitions: To be established at most 5 years ago, to be established as a small/medium sized company in the first stage. Personal number; less than 10 people.


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