New Generation Defense Industry Facility 

We are establishing teams that produce new generation solutions in our developing world.

New Generation Defense Industry Facility

With the year 2020, an exciting period has begun for our company. Like many companies, we, at a time when we are struggling with the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic, were proud of completing our facility using all the possibilities of technology in as little as a year for our country and started production in 2021.

Within our facility, we have specially designed the infrastructure and system of our entire production and manufacturing line to produce sea, land and air systems locally and nationally according to needs by blending today's technology with the perspective of the future. Working with all our stakeholders with our infrastructure and moving forward with them to our goals is critical for the long-term sustainability of our business.


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Our Transforming Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure

We are able to transform our entire production and manufacturing infrastructure according to the needs of our armed forces and stakeholders. We aim not only to provide critical capabilities for the security of the country's defense, but also to bring real benefits to the economy by maintaining and creating high-dec projects through R&D activities, technology investments and exports.

Güçlü İmalat ve Entegrasyon Altyapısı 

Tesisimizin İmalat ve Entegrasyon altyapısında kaliteli ve verimli altyapının yerli çözümler ile oluşturulması önceliğimizdir. Uzman mühendislerimizle birlikte  organize sanayii ile işbirliği içerisinde çalışmalar yürüterek altyapılarımızı milli ve yerli kaynaklarla geliştiriyoruz.

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Our Belief in Science and Technology

As Aselsan Konya, we continue to comply with our National Defense Strategy and are making major investments to use new technologies in our facility. In addition, our facility has been decommissioned as an R&D center in 2021. In this center, we are developing our need for science and technology together with our expert engineers in our field and our ability to eliminate, maneuver and analyze non-traditional threats in advance.


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