01 September 2021

National weapon, strong defense: ASELSAN Konya

Bülent Işık, General Manager of ASELSAN Konya, said, “To meet the future needs of our country, our friends and allies with national means; Our efforts will continue in order to provide price advantage for the export of our defense industry products and to eliminate the possible effects of government threats on products procured from abroad.

ASELSAN Konya aims to carry out research, design, development and engineering activities, including but not limited to all kinds of weapons and weapon systems that will meet the defense needs of our country, and the production, testing, assembly and integration, sales and marketing, importation of these weapons, weapon systems and defense industry products. and exports, to provide training, maintenance and after-sales services, to carry out all kinds of commercial and industrial activities related to these issues, 51 percent of which belongs to ASELSAN and 49 percent to Konya Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. It was established with the title of 'Aselsan Konya Weapon Systems Joint Stock Company'.

Bülent Işık, General Manager of ASELSAN Konya, said, “ASELSAN Konya started its activities on December 17, 2020 and will be an important technology base where unique products are developed for the defense industry. In line with this goal, it has completed the infrastructure installations for the design, production, testing, assembly and integration of weapons and weapon systems in a short time and started production within this scope.

ASELSAN in Konya; A total of 175 personnel are employed in design, sub-industry, quality, purchasing and production. Işık stated the following: “ASELSAN Konya has been tailored and optimized for needs, thanks to the experience and knowledge gained by the high-qualified human resources in its staff, with the weapons and weapon systems projects carried out in the companies they have worked with before and currently continuing to be realized within the body of ASELSAN KONYA, It is capable of developing weapons and weapon systems of many different calibers, from small calibers to large calibers.”

Işık explained that the 'System Development and Project Management' processes implemented in ASELSAN Konya have been harmonized for the rapid and effective design of new weapons and weapon systems based on the knowledge and experience gained, as well as the reference process definitions applied for defense projects around the world. Pointing out that strong technological infrastructure, experience, highly qualified human resources and effective system development practices have created the necessary ground for the execution and successful conclusion of new weapon system development activities, Işık said: Efforts are being made to create a structure that will integrate with Konya and grow together by working in cooperation and making maximum use of the talents of the sub-industry companies that will be our solution partners in Konya.”

ASELSAN has a significant worldwide market share in the field of Remote Controlled Weapon Systems (RCSS). Related UKSS productions have been transferred to ASELSAN KONYA. All procurement, production, integration, testing and quality activities are carried out by ASELSAN Konya. With the activities to be carried out by ASELSAN Konya, it is aimed to increase the capacity and market share in this field.

ASELSAN Konya attended the IDEF 2021 Fair with 3 different works

1) 12.7 mm SARP remote-controlled stabilized weapon system to demonstrate our capabilities in procurement, production, integration, testing and quality activities,
2) To demonstrate our competence in product development activities, 12.7 mm machine gun, 40 mm grenade launcher guns, both of which are bottom-fed, and a unique remote-controlled weapon system with a fully independent vision system,
3) Repair and refurbishment of the weapons in the current inventory, and weapon spare parts designed and produced for our competencies.

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