18 November 2021

Presidential Defense Industry Chairman Demir: Our vision is a completely independent Turkish defense industry

İsmail Demir, who made inspections at ASELSAN Konya Facilities within the scope of Konya Defense Industry Supplier Meetings held in Selçuklu Congress Center with the cooperation of the Presidency and Konya Chamber of Industry, received information from the authorities.

Afterwards, making statements at the gala dinner of the program, Demir said that ASELSAN Konya Facilities is one of the main players of the defense industry and a part of the defense industry strategy, and it is a good example of their companies taking the initiative to lead the way in terms of trust in Anatolia and industry promotion.

Expressing that a fully independent Turkey is a vision in the defense industry, Demir said, "I would like to thank our foundation companies, which are among our main contractors, for their support to this vision, the Konya Chamber of Industry and the ASELSAN Konya structuring, which our 24 industrialists have formed by taking the responsibility." he said.

Emphasizing that their greatest desire is to expand the industrial infrastructure, Demir said:

"In this context, we want to create certain depths, to develop technologies and capabilities that complement each other from all over the country, to move the industrial infrastructure further, and to develop new breakthroughs and new capabilities in the defense industry, which constitutes its spearhead. Despite all the difficulties caused by the suppliers and the implicit and explicit embargoes, they are able to carry out the operations they need to do to protect their national interests without relying on anyone, and they have proven themselves in this regard.

Demir stated that the achievements in the defense industry were created by a large and strong ecosystem from foundation companies to private companies, from SMEs to universities, from research centers to various organizations. 

Noting that the Presidency of Defense Industries attaches great importance to the development of SMEs and sub-industry that produce high added value, Demir said, "Another issue we place emphasis on, as much as the development of SMEs and sub-industry, is the maximum use of the possibilities and capabilities of our domestic industry within the scope of the projects. For this purpose, our main contractors in projects. We are obligated to use sub-industry and industry participation activities and we are following this very closely.

In this context, Demir explained that the studies carried out with the aim of taking the inventory of the sector, project, human resources, product and infrastructure talents, evaluating the sectoral talents and capacities at different stages, in different categories and continuously, and supporting the companies continue.

Giving the good news that an investment fund was established within the scope of the Defense Industry Investment and Development Activities Support Program, Demir concluded his words as follows:

"With the program, we provide loans in Turkish lira to finance the investments and exports needed to support domestic industrial organizations operating in the fields of defence, homeland security, aviation and space industry. The size of the loans we offer within the scope of the program has reached 300 million TL. Realizing various investments with the fund we have established, We want to invest and product breakthrough projects.In the coming period, in order to increase the technological depth of our defense industry, which has reached a certain maturity on a system basis, and to ensure the continuation of the knowledge and talent obtained with great difficulties, the development of sub-industry and SMEs operating in the defense industry, the improvement of their technological depths. and we will continue to work towards increasing their competitiveness.”

"Science and technology is the engine of progress and development"

Demir also attended the opening of Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU) BİTAM Science and Technology Application Research Center.

Stating that science and technology is the engine of progress and development, Demir said, "Science and technology, used correctly, have the potential to take great steps towards bringing benefit and happiness to humanity. At the same time, the development and development of our country and defense, which is the basis of our struggle for independence and future, which we are particularly interested in. Industry and technology should also have breakthroughs in this science and technology. The place where these are produced, especially the place where science is produced is the university. The place where the knowledge and advanced technology infrastructure produced by the university is formed. The classrooms, laboratories, students, teachers of the university. This laboratory has made significant contributions to our university and our country. We are sure that you will find it. I wish you good luck." he said.

NEU Rector Prof. Dr. Cem Zorlu gave information about BİTAM.

After the speeches, the opening ribbon of BİTAM was cut.

Ziya Altunyaldız, Chairman of the Parliamentary Industry, Commerce, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission, and Memiş Kütükcü, Chairman of the Konya Chamber of Industry, attended the opening.

"The first item is self-confidence"

Demir and his entourage later participated in the "Defence Industry University Meetings" program organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Aviation and Space Sciences at Fuat Sezgin Hall.

Expressing that they try to visit universities while visiting various cities in his speech here, Demir said that the energy of the youth gives them energy as well.

Erbakan factor in industrial development

Demir stated that one of the late prime ministers, Necmettin Erbakan, was a thinker rather than a politician, who expressed the idea of ​​defense industry and Turkey's industrial development at every opportunity.

Emphasizing that this will not be sustainable without achieving success in the entire industrial ecosystem while talking about the success in the defense industry, Demir said, “The point we have reached at the moment should instill a sense of self-confidence in us. Can he force the doors?' When we look at you, we see the answer to the question when we are together in various environments and we say, 'Yes, we can look to the future with more hope while our young friends have this excitement and this effort'. As long as we don't get demoralized." used the phrase.

Noting that industry, technology and science are a chain, İsmail Demir said that universities are the home of science.

"We grew up with foreign names constantly, we gave foreign names to the formulas"

Stating that young people receive not only raw knowledge but also a set of values ​​while learning science at universities, Demir said:

"University courses are both a learning process and a phase of learning life with the cultural dimension with the friendships you form. The more we can develop our national feelings and ideals and mature ourselves culturally, the better we will be prepared for life. Things to do in this journey of Turkey, ideals, When we list them, it is very important for us that you all look to the future with hope. At the point we have reached today, there is a matter of will in the departure of Turkey. So an ideal is set, we are moving towards this ideal. When we look at various industrial products, starting from school desks, during our student days, When we look at various theories, we have constantly grown up with foreign names, we gave foreign names to the formulas."

"No stopping because if we stop we will fall"

Demir continued:

"The first item is self-confidence. 'We can do better with something human-made.' 'We will build a fighter plane.' We say, 'Okay, where is the engine from?' Okay, let's ask the other way around: 'Which engine project did we start but could not do?' Why was the engine built by the late Necmettin Erbakan not appreciated? When he brought the engine to the agenda, who was kidding when he said 'heavy industry'? "People who have the same mentality, same point of view, must be right to criticize. A road must be started so that it can be completed. I hope we started this journey. I hope we started this journey. With its engine, space systems, rocket engine, submarine, sea surface, manned-unmanned air, land, sea. We are in an operation in all areas, with tools, electronic warfare technologies, smart systems, artificial intelligence, cyber security, in all areas, and you are the heart of this operation. Do not stop, because if we stop, we will fall. 'We are very good in any field.' Two days later we see others pass us when we say, 'Others are far ahead of us.' "If we say that, we lose hope of catching him. We have to try to catch him."

Demir then answered the questions of the students.

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