19 December 2021

Minister Varank tested the stabilized armed tower system

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank conducted inspections at the ASELSAN Konya Weapons Systems Factory, built on an area of 70 thousand square meters in the Konya Technology Industrial Zone (KTEB), announced two years ago by the decision of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Varank, who also visited the R & D center of the factory, examined innovative projects in the field of defense dec. ASELSAN Konya General Manager Bülent Işık and other officials received information from.

Minister Varank tested a new generation Stamp-2 Remote-Command Weapon System that can be integrated with a 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm machine gun with a stabilized platform designed by ASELSAN engineers for naval vehicles, as well as a 40 mm grenade launcher. The system, which has a local area of 80 percent, has successfully passed the test commanded by Varank.

In his statement, Varank said that the factory has recently started production, and continued as follows:

"Konya is a city that can export seriously, where the industrial sector operates very intensively. In order to make Konya's industry more value-added, ASELSAN and the industrialists in Konya went together and established ASELSAN Konya. This factory has been put into production and has been opened to produce the stabilized tower systems that Turkey needs when it is operating at full capacity. Currently, our friends continue their activities. We just conducted a test of a stabilized tower system."

Emphasizing that Turkey is making a very serious breakthrough in the field of defense industry, Varank said that he is making great efforts to take his industry further by ending the local rates and foreign dependence on critical technologies.

Varank explained that ASELSAN Konya and KTEB have made great efforts to assist Konyalı industrialist in all processes since the first establishment of the ministry and noted that:

"There has been a great effort of both our non-governmental organizations and Konya Metropolitan Municipality here, and thanks to this effort, we are also located here in the ASELSAN Konya Weapons Systems Factory. I hope we want to move this region even further. We want dec place to be a region where R& D can also be done in high value-added production and more value-added products can be produced. In this sense, we will have new heralds for our city and country in the coming period. We have already announced that TUBITAK will come to this region. Together with him, we will expand the ecosystem here and bring an industrial zone to our country where high technology is developed, produced and exported to the whole world together with both ASELSAN Konya and our other companies.”

Minister Varank was accompanied by Governor of Konya Vahdettin Özkan, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur Ibrahim Altay and President of Organized Industrial Zones Superior Organization (OSBUK) Memiş Kütükçü during his visit.

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