19 August 2021

Great interest in ASELSAN Konya at IDEF

ASELSAN Konya attracts great attention at the 15th International Defense Industry Expo with its unique remote-controlled weapon system that it produces.

ASELSAN Konya Program Management, Business Development and Marketing Director Ümit Mercimek said that ASELSAN Konya was established to carry out the design, development and engineering activities of all kinds of weapons and weapon systems to meet Turkey's defense needs.  

Expressing that the organization aims to engage in all kinds of commercial and industrial activities, especially the production, testing, assembly and integration of defense industry products, Mercimek said, "ASELSAN Konya, 51 percent belongs to ASELSAN and 49 percent belongs to Konya Savunma Sanayi AŞ. was established with the title of 'Aselsan Konya Arms Systems Joint Stock Company'. Infrastructure installations for assembly and integration have been completed and production has started within this scope." said.

Mercimek continued his words as follows; 

"Our goal in 5 to 10 years is to reach 1200 personnel"

We have reached the number of personnel of 160 in ASELSAN Konya. Our goal is to reach the number of personnel of 1200 people, taking into account the potential projects in a period of 5 to 10 years. There will be 800 engineers and 400 qualified technicians. Our plans are in this direction, and we continue to work to develop and increase our projects within this scope.

Production of RCWSs transferred to ASELSAN Konya

Within the scope of the technology transfer agreement we made with ASELSAN, the production of the Remote Controlled Weapon System (UKSS) was transferred to ASELSAN Konya. The infrastructure setup for this was completed and we started production. All UKSS's procurement, production, integration, testing and quality activities are carried out by ASELSAN Konya. For this reason, we brought our SARP system to the expo as an example. We have a system that we have developed, where we want to show our capabilities not only in our production but also in product development. In addition, we are exhibiting a unique remote-controlled weapon system in which both 12.7 millimeter and 40 millimeter grenade launchers can be integrated, both systems are fed from the bottom and at the same time has a fully independent electro-optical infrastructure.

Your system is very light. We will start negotiations to make the project available to the Turkish Armed Forces. The personnel employed in ASELSAN Konya have great experience in weapons and weapon systems. We know weapons very well. In addition to developing and producing these weapons, we have the competence to renew and repair the weapons in the inventory of the existing TAF. We have a product range that we manufacture and display critical parts of the sample gun.

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