22 December 2021

ASELSAN KONYA produced 170 remote-controlled weapon systems in 6 months

Altunyaldiz, AA correspondent, Aselsan Konya's wife stated that it was completed in a rare time.

Noting that the establishment of the factory and the production stage were completed in a year, Altunyaldiz said:

"Aselsan Konya Weapons Systems Factory was put into production on December 17, 2020. This is an extremely original model on its own basis. This is both a design dec R&D center and a production center. This is an integrated structure and a model investment. From production engineering level to design engineering level, from R& D capacity to develop its own production models and was initially established with the support of ASELSAN, but will stand on its own two dec as of its original structure in all these areas."

Altunyaldiz emphasized that a production facility with the goal and vision of becoming a global actor with ASELSAN was brought to Konya, saying, "170 remote command weapons systems were built in ASELSAN KONYA in as little as 6 months. Work is underway on weapons systems of different calib dec, from design to R & D. In the coming period, together with our business partners in Konya, we have seen that it is in very original studies from engineering dec product development and R & D to design and finally to the final product." he used his statements.

Emphasizing that it is expected that ASELSAN's financial and production targets will also be exceeded next year, Altunyaldiz said that Aselsan Konya Weapons Systems Factory continues to work at the point of becoming a global actor.

Altunyaldiz stated that there are close to 220 employees in the factory, 80 percent of whom are engineers and technical teams, and stressed that employment will increase as work capacity develops.

Aselsan Konya General Manager Bülent Işık also explained that Aselsan Konya Weapons Systems Factory was created on the planned processes.

 Remote command weapon systems

The marksman is able to use the UKSS effectively and safely thanks to its remote controllability. The systems are able to work in harsh environmental conditions with a thermal imager and a day vision camera on it.

With its high stabilization performance, the UKSS allow the user to easily track moving targets with its automatic target tracking and detection ability, and neutralize them with a high hit rate.

As part of the technology transfer agreement concluded with ASELSAN, UKSS production was transferred to Aselsan Konya. The procurement, production, integration, testing and quality activities of UKSS, which has completed the infrastructure installation and started production in a short time, are carried out by Aselsan Konya.

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