Remote Controlled Stabilized Artillery System

Muhafiz 30mm Uzaktan Komutali Silah Sistemi

The MUHAFIZ system is a Remote Command Weapon System developed to meet the changing needs of modern armies, which increases the efficiency of using medium-caliber dual-feed weapons, which can be used on Naval Platforms that can be remotely controlled via the weapon control unit.

  The GUARD system, designed in accordance with military standards in accordance with difficult environmental conditions and conflict environments, is capable of automatically detecting and tracking invisible targets at night and in adverse visibility conditions. Thanks to this ability, it provides high strike accuracy by applying automatic ballistics. In addition to the electro-optical suite and the stabilized turret, which are capable of independent movement of two axes, it makes it possible for the user to perform their task with confidence and high performance even under difficult sea conditions.


  • Remote command capability
  • Automatic target detection and tracking
  • Application of automatic ballistics
  • High strike accuracy
  • High stabilization performance
  • Effective protection against asymmetric threats
  • Automatic orientation from the ship's radar to the reported position
  • Long-range and high-precision vision systems that allow you to detect and diagnose targets in difficult weather conditions day/night
  • Electro-Optical suite capable of independent movement on two axes
  • Two-axis stabilized turret
  • Surveillance mode (without the weapon being directed at the target) and continuous display of the target in the middle of the screen
  • Possibility of integrated use with Combat Management Systems
  • Possibility of manual use
  • Advanced User Graphical Interfaces
  • Modular system architecture
  • High reliability
  • Simultaneous display of TV and Thermal Camera images
  • Easy integrability



  • Asymmetric Conflicts
  • Anti-Terrorism/Anti-Smuggling
  • Coastal Security
  • Stationary Territorial Protection
  • Air Defense



  • Marine Patrol Boats
  • Coast Guard Boats
  • Warships
  • Landing Craft

Technical Specifications

Turret Weight: 1250 kg
(Including weapons and 150 pieces of ammunition)
Weapon: 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster-II
Beat Rate:  200 beats/min
Ammunition Feeding: Bidirectional
Ammunition Capacity:  2 x 75 pieces
Limits of Movement of the Axis of Elevation of the Weapon: -20° / +70°
Weapon Side Axis Movement Limits: 160° (no sliding bracelet)
n x 360° (there is a sliding bracelet)
The Angular Velocity of Rotation of the Weapon (max.):  60°/s
EO Ascension Axis Movement Limits: -30° / +80°
EO Side Axis Movement Limits: 10° (according to the weapon)
EO Angular Velocity of Rotation (max.): 60°/s
Power Supply: G 28 VDC or 220 VAC



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